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Image of Elemental Magic: EARTH

Elemental Magic: EARTH

WitchLab cordially invites you to join on on Sunday May 19th from 6:30-9:30 pm for the first of four Elemental Magic classes. In this series, we will be focusing on each element individually, giving you a magical history, and share open discussion about the ways in which we work with the elements. These class can be taken as a group, or as one offs, as they work singularly, and congruous.

Our first class will focus on the element of EARTH. In this class we will discuss the magical properties of earth, and work together to create unique wands* out of wild crafted branches. Each person will have access to items with which they may carve, sand, paint and embellish their wands. You are encouraged to bring your own bits and bobs to add as well! Remember that your wand is a tool, and that it should feel right for you! No two will look the same.

After we have created our wands, we will walk you through a charging ritual meditation, so that you can infuse your wand with the energy you need to use it in your work.

Refreshment provided.

*While wands are traditionally represented by the element of fire, we are engaging with the earth through the trees that they are made from.

The Whens and Wheres:

Sunday May 19th from 6:30-9:30 pm
Class fee is $60

WitchLab Occult Boutique
1185 W. Broad St
Columbus, OH 43222

Cancellation/refund policy: If for some reason you cannot attend a class after you have prepaid for it, we will refund at the following rates:

75% refund with at least 30 days notice by email
50% refund with at least 14 days notice by email
25% refund with at least 7 days notice by email
Without at least 7 days notice for cancellation we cannot offer any refunds.
However, tickets can be transferred to another person with at least 2 days notice by email.
Please send all correspondence through the contact page.