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Dark Market Speaker Megan Fiscus

Megan Fiscus will be speaking at The Dark Market on

Sunday, October 14th


Lecture Topic:

Tantric Yoga and the Phenomena of Meditation

Death is a natural and inevitable part of life. The Tantric Yogis know and celebrate this and have done for thousands of years. In this one hour lecture we will discuss the history of Tantra Yoga, including cemetery rituals, incorporating tools into Tantric meditation, and the rather interesting concept of thuktam, a Tantric Buddhist phenomenon in which the body is dead but the mind is alive, meditating within the body, yet the body is pristine, sometimes for months after death. Come with a curious mind and maybe a question or two as we explore this extremely esoteric branch of Yoga.

Tantric iRest Death Practice

Sunday, October 14th at 3:00pm in the upstairs ritual space.

Tantric Yoga is the yoga of interconnectivity; Tantra means “loom”, a way to weave together all there is. It is the sensate yoga of feelings, emotions, and sensation. It is abandon. It is divine energy manifest. iRest Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation that takes the practitioner deep into a restful state. Yoga Nidra means “yogic sleep”. At the end of every yoga class we practice Savasana, Corpse Pose. Each Asana class is offered as an analog to life, each Savasana is the accumulation of life’s journey in preparation of death. In this class, you will be practicing various Tantric Yoga techniques that will build divine energy through breathing practices, kriyas, and a long meditative Yoga Nidra to drop you into practicing death, the release from this corporeal form. Come ready to sweat a little, but be prepared to receive a most relaxing experience too. Smudging and essential oils as well as touch will be used to heighten the sensory experience.

Megan is a certified yoga, meditation, and Pranayama instructor and Reiki Master trained in the Yoga on High lineage which is a branch derived from Classical Iyengar, Tantra, and Ashtanga lineages and in the Kashmir tradition. She follows a more Buddhist-Agnostic perspective and loves to share her accumulated knowledge with anyone willing to listen. Most often Megan teaches yoga to children ages 2-14, but she also instructs adults at two YMCA branches and through in-home appointments and privates around Columbus. She is currently working toward her 500 hour certification in Restorative Yoga.